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    Hi Miguel, I don't recognise the Austria you talk about! I believe what you say though. Maybe everyone has a different experience. Mine has been very positive. Let me explain what happened to me.

    I have been here two years. I have had two apartments so far and I got my first-choice apartments both times. I used a good moving agent, and they were expensive apartments, so maybe this was the difference. These apartments were not advertised. You need to find a good moving agent to find them.

    Luckily I don't need a work permit, as I am from EU, so I also didn't have this problem. The job was also organised for me before I left England. It is a great job and it pays well. The Austrians/Germans I work with are good fun. We have parties and play football, and go skiing and so on. Perhaps I have been lucky.

    About the people you meet. I have found the Austrians to be charming. My wife is from North Germany, and there is no chance you will talk to people in the street or on the train there. In North Germany it is normal to use the 'Sie' form, but here in Salzburg people are relatively open I would say, even in public. For example, it is easy to have a small-talk conversation. Maybe it helps if you speak German! About friends: personally I am married, but I had two English colleagues out here that had no problems finding girlfriends!

    I really hope things get better for you. Clearly everyone has a different experience. Good luck!

    [About my background: I am British, but I was born in Holland, and so far I have lived in Nigeria, Denmark, Turkey, Malaysia, England, Germany and now Austria. Worst country: Nigeria. Best country: Denmark, without question! Turkey (Ankara) was also great, and Malaysia (Sarawak) because of the Jungle. But I really enjoyed living in Southern Germany (Munich), and Austria also has the bonus of some fantastic countryside. I like it!]

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