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    The real Austria.

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    All i'm gonna write here is based on personal and borrowed experiences that i have gathered after a while of being in Austria. People whom i have shared experiences with who have also share theirs with me. This are facts, no speculation, assumptions or exaggerations. There are of course exceptions to every case, thank God!

    Austria is certainly a gorgeous country, to visit!!! If you plan to stay here, you should bear in mind that here reigns what i see as a very strange mentality. Let alone the extreme bureaucratic procedure to get a work permit, residence or whatever you need to stay and make a living here legally is pretty much a "labour of love" from your part, i mean, you must be literally fixated with Austria to arrange all legal entry and residence procedure on your own not being directly hired from an austrian company, i mean.

    After doing that, you must look for a place to live. This is where the true colours are shown... Try and find a flat rented privately, directly from the owner, and you've got 15 people, for example, queuing up to have a look at the flat and is not only you taking a look at the flat is the owner taking a look at who wants to rent it, and who he would potentially select, thats the real important part here, dont be deceived! Now, from those 15 you've got let's say 8 austrians and 4 germans that would leave us 3 non-german-speaking, maybe not even white "foreigners" that won't really count as an option for the owner to rent his falt! Oh it is a big deal to be white, particularly here ;-) Let's face it, if odds are good enough and you've got 4 people 3 austrians, you as a foreigner will always be, if at all, option number 4! It moves on to the Real state offices like "Pemal Immobilien" http://www.pemal.at/immo/start.asp Straight national socialists renting or selling properties to, as they publish their adds "Nette und seriöse leute" meaning only austrians... When you call for info on any piece of room, they will ask if you're austrian, because if you're not, there's no chance of getting anything from them! All this, being legal, with a residence, work permit or whatever you need to have normal rights and obligations in any EU country.

    Getting a job is pretty much the same thing, it is crucial, at least, an average level of the german language spoken in Austria! Which is a bit different from the german spoken in germany. Knowing some dialect can also help depending on the region you are or wanna be... Continuing with the job thing, you may have this and that tittle or certification but, if you're a foreigner, you're prone to be discarded or be left as a "last option". As i said at the beginning, there are exceptions to everything, there are normal, sincerely open minded people who dont have any prejudices whatsoever, there are also people who have them and they don't even know it... As for interpersonal relations i can say that i do know some austrians who are wonderful people can count them with one hand and still have some spare fingers... There are also people who out of the blue won't reply your sms's, phone calls anymore, they simply brake contact with you, just like that... That's the weirdest of all... But i supposed that is part of the culture, the one that nobody needs... I mean, unless you got offended or felt insulted by something, what reasons can somebody have to just not interact anymore with somebody else? That's weird ideed...

    All in all, i would recommend people wanting to come to Austria to consider countries like france, particularly in the south, Spain (with its crisis and all, i know, but imagine the austrians with the crisis they've got in greece or the unemployment rate from Spain Italy or Portugal...!) In France, Spain, Italy Portugal and even England the previously mentioned aspects for the immigrant, the new-comer are not this "complicated" or so to speak. Even if the crisis influences negatively in the job search, having a good Curriculum Vitae should grant you good chances of success in all aspects in these other countries.

    I wish you the very best of success!

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