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    Hello and thank you Julia.
    You just saved us a lot of money. We were looking for apartment in Bratislava , Slovakia and we found irresistible offer from this Stache Heiko. He send me the same email only the price and location were different.
    The adress is Gajova 9, 81109 Old Town, Bratislava, Slovakia.

    Here is the email:
    My name is Heiko Stache and I got an email about your interest in my apartment in Gajova 9, 81109 New Town, Bratislava, Slovakia.
    Looking for someone who lives in my apartment because my company has won the auction for a big construction project in Liverpool, United Kingdom. I am a project manager in the construction industry, so my accommodation period here will be very large (more than 4 years). I bought this apartment when I worked at the Slovak four years contract, thinking it would be better than an investment in the lease. I am the sole owner, the apartment is fully paid, and there is no legal problem. The apartment is free, because I already live there.
    I want to rent my apartment to some nice and responsible person, I'd like to know more details about myself: How many years are you if you are married, if you have a pet, if you have a car, occupation etc. I must say that I have nothing against the fact that you are a student and I love animals and they are welcome in your home. You should also know that I appreciate sincerity.
    In addition to rest, here is some information about yourself and the home, so we knew a little more.
    The apartment is exactly like the pictures, fully furnished, fully equipped, so you do not have anything to be able to (you can also bring your own stuff, furniture, if you have one).
    Monthly rent is 480EUR including utilities (water, electricity, internet, cable, one parking space). You can rent an apartment for an indefinite period, but at least three months.
    About myself, I'm 36 years old, unmarried man, and as mentioned above I have a project manager in the construction industry, currently living in Liverpool, UK. You move into an apartment on the same day you get the keys. I'm already in the UK, but when I have to deal with, so you can get the keys and go home to make an impression.
    I appreciate your interest in my apartment and look forward to our future collaboration and friendship.

    Thank you!

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