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Hello Ex-Pats & English Speakers in Voralberg

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Hi All,

Have just move to the area around Bregenz and would be interested in
meeting some local ex-pats and English Speakers.

I compose Music for a living and have a very open view of the world.

Hope you are all well

David :)

  • Sarah Toward

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    My husband and I and our new baby are moving to Dornbirn (if we can find a good flat) in March 2017. I will definitely be in touch to get the low down when I arrive. I have only been once in summer heavily pregnant for a flying visit! I also know zero German so I need to really dive in feet first.

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    Bora Da Anja,

    No pronlem - would be great to meet you chaps. You can reach me direct at 0664-4169866



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    Hi David,

    Hope you have settled in in Bregenz. My husband and I moved to Bregenz last year. He is from Wales but I am originally from Austria. We would love to meet other English speakers in the area. So if you are still living here it would be nice to meet up for a coffee. Let me know!


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