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    some average cost of item in Bh..

    posted by  Hussain Al-Obaid in Bahrain forum 

    Hi Sandy;

    Bahrain was a state.. now is small kingdom!! consist of few islands 15-20, main is Manama, i'm not Bahrainy, i'm Saudy, living in Dammam city.. closest city on the boarder 30-45 min crossing KF causeway to Manama, i use to spend most of my weekends in Bahrain.

    The cost of living in Bahrain is normal.. of course depends on your interest.. as for example.. you can find good furnished ap 2br 1br 1sr BHD1200-1500 /y, food accomodation is normal prices.. drinks are also not expensive.

    That is what comes in my mind and most concerned to the newly arrival to Bahrain, any particular item you would like to have information about.. you are welcome to ask.... :)

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