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Best Schools in Bahrain

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My wife and I have been blessed with a daughter. She's only 8 months now. However, I got the impression from browsing this and other forums that spots in good schools are limited so registering early is a good idea.

I understand that the best schools in Bahrain are (in no paritcular order):

Bahrain School
Al Bayan
Ibn Khaldoon
British School of Bahrain
Saint Christophers
Nadeen (for grades k-6)

Are there others? What differenciates each of these schools? What are the pros and cons of each?

FYI my wife and I are Saudi Arabian. We've lived abroad a fair portion of our lives in the US and are rather Westernized. We're interested in English language or bilingual (Arabic/English) schools. We're also hoping that she learn Mandarin, but that's another issue.

Thanks in advance.

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    al-hekma international school is the best school for American Curriculum, they have excellent staff and faculty beside latest technology and amazing facilities.

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    Talent schools is one of the best British curriculum schools in Bahrain.
    Its affordable price and qualified teachers as well as accessible management is what motivates me to keep my kids there.
    I was very surprised to what you said ana deed. My children have been in this school for 4 years now and they are very happy with the environment.
    Field trips are to educational and fun places and extracurricular activities are free of charge.
    My new born is going to their day care center next year as they have a nice equipped one.
    All books are original textbooks and some workbooks are photocopied as they are worksheets.
    Overall my friends and I are very pleased with this schools services and wish the school all the best.

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    Need information about talent , is it a good school now ?


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    If the school is that bad,why are you still sending your kids to the same school?

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    My children are in Talent and infant International school. It is strange how they charge so much money yet we receive photocopied books for our children. the school has no library and the administration in far from helpful and actually very irrespectful to parents and children alike. the teachers are leaving all the time and extra curricular activities consist of taking children to Mc donald trip. Talk about healthy food?
    apart from the fee we are constantly asked to send money for this or that which we observe was not used for the benefit of our children. there are no incentives given and the report card is actually an ordinary paper printout.

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    American School in Juffair the best school in Bahrain

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    After a very long search my husband and I decided to enroll our daughter in Talent International School. It delivers a British curriculum and Arabic and Islamic Studies are taught to Muslim children and French is taught to pupils starting from Grade 2. The school was recommended by an education professional in Bahrain.

    Best of luck

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