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Driving license

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I would like the know more of the process of getting a driving license. I am a south African female and have no previous license. So I will have to start from the beginning. I've tried calling the is a licensing department but didn't get through. I just want to know around,
-How long it will take
-The costs of it
- what the actual process is, so like the tests and instructors etc.
-If I could be picked up as I have no car and work until 4:00pm from 7:30am
-what I need for the process

I really need to get my license sorted soon as it's important for my jobs sake and personal sake. Taxis are just getting too expensive for me.

Please if anyone can help me or at least give me some information about anything regarding the process. Especially what I need to take with me the first day as it is far away.

Thank you in advanced

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    registration will be under 50 i hope.
    22 hours initial training @ 5 per hour
    some extra classes you may interested to take at the same rate
    exam and card fee will also be under 50
    if you are lucky you will pass otherwise 8 hours class each time you fail.
    you will hardly find an instructor to pick you up for training. better go to the driving school
    normally ladies get test date nearer than men

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