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How to lift immigration blacklist category

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i am from Pakistan and doing business here. My case history is that I made twice or more frequent visits to Bahrain on my Bahraini friend’s sponsorship. After a while my Bahraini National friend angry when i was failure to full fill his demand to borrowing 5000 BD for the certain period and meanwhile he put my name into the concern Ministry department as blacklist category. Few days before, i had planed to visit for Bahrain again but my second sponsor told me that someone already enter your name in LMRA / NPRA (Labour market Regulatory Authority/ National passport & Residence Affair) as blacklist category. The concern Ministries or departments are require NOC from first sponsor for change second sponsorship but i know my frirst sponsor wouldn’t do anything in favour of me.
In this connection i would like to ask something that is it possible that Bahraini National can blackmail or stuck foreigner to enter in Bahrain without presenting any CID Criminal report or other proof of harassment or any other court papers or even more not under any employment scheme.
Moreover, if you clear my name as blacklist category from the concern department I’ll much obliged and please let me know your services charges.
I hope your generous opinion will help me out this scenario. In this regard your prompt action will be highly appreciated.

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