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    Dear N.C. Lawrence,

    First off, welcome to the forum!

    And to start off,

    1. Amwaj is a planned self sufficient gated community and quite a safe place considering the fact that it has its own security. But still -- > http://community.justlanded.com/en/Bahrain/forum/Sexually-Ha
    rassed-In-Amwaj-Island (not verifiable).

    2. Your pay package is well on the high end, on the earning scale here. When you wrote that you would be offered housing in amwaj, I'm assuming your company would pay the rent. To be honest BD2,800 would suffice as total monthly expense, even if your co. did not pay your rent.

    3. You can drive your own car here. But since you asked, check this website --> http://www.bahrainautoservices.com/rent.asp They have a wide selection of cars for rental / purchase and I'm sure they could arrange a driver, if need be. They are reputable as well.

    4. Well we have malls & cinemas, fine dining, sailing clubs, modest beaches etc. Women can move around freely at all locations. There is a British Club here. The Nightlife is 'ok'. Get a couple of friends and you'd have a nice time here during the weekends / holidays. Its camping season here right now!

    5. Well i'm not sure about sky. I dont think we get it here. But most foreign channels are available here. As long as your dish can catch it :)

    6. Women have all the freedom here. Muslim women wear the abaya and hijab (hair/head covering), thats all.
    Apart from the link on just landed there are rare/no harassment cases on women here.

    7. Expatriates (men and women) are allowed to mix socially at clubs/malls/coffee shops etc. There are no fines.

    8. Banned areas for women - isolated alleyways! Relax.

    To be honest, Bahrain is a very nice and relaxed spot compared to most of Middle East. You might get bored a bit though but make some friends and this place would be comfy for your stay!

    Hope this helps! Good Luck!


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