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    Stereotypical... that is so British!

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    Dear NC Lawrence...

    I'm not sure whether I should be amused or annoyed by the stereotypical perspective that you so eloquently (and almost shamelessly) spout...

    Notwithstanding, the responses here were largely spot on... Amwaj is gorgeous... I lived on the Island before moving on. Phenomenal infrastructure, but it still (relatively) new, and therefore lacks critical mass when it comes to shopping and entertainment. But Bahrain is awesome, and I trust you will soon realise that all your fears were totally misplaced. You will only be harassed in as much as you want to be harassed. In other words, if you go to places flaunting it, the guys will consider that an invitation to make idiots of themselves.

    You can get Sky, and probably every other channel you watched in any part of the world...

    As a single woman, you could pay for your car (upmarket (read 4x4)) and apartment for around BHD1000. Chances are, (at the risk of being considered presumptuous) that for that amount you'd get a better car and apartment than what you enjoy in the UK.

    For another BHD1000, as a single woman, you should be able to enjoy a very comfortable existence, including enjoying wining and dining out several times a week.

    On the downside though, it is essential to understand that the Kingdom is on a downward spiral, and if your job is anywhere in Financial Services, I would caution you to strongly reconsider, despite the very attractive offer you hold.

    Welcome to Bahrain.

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