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    Inam, Dave, Ali, Aravinth - thanks so much for all your responses! I really appreciate it. Glad to hear that Amwaj Islands is high quality accommodation.

    And thanks for the feedback on the riots. What areas should I stay clear from until things calm down? Or is it already being reduced?

    Great to hear about the driving. I love to drive but London is pretty chaotic and too crowded for pleasant driving, and the parking situation is a nightmare. How is the traffic there? Organized or chaotic? Crowded?

    As for entertainment I am not too much into nightclubs, so I'm thinking of availability of sports, hobbies, do barbeques, once in a while bar hopping and other entertainment. I understand Bahrain is quite small so this may be limited? I'd love to do the sandune buggy but maybe that's in Saudi? Do they have a broad option of evening classes in various skills?

    I've heard the fashion shopping (clothes) is a bit restricted in Bahrain? And Saudi? Saudi Arabia seem to have the latest in just about everything (even if they're conservative). I guess they're not too keen on women driving over there... :) I could always fly over for a one day shopping trip.

    Quicksmile, I am not generalizing. Frankly I find you narrow minded. We're talking about a country with a small fine for assault and 2 week sentence for rape. I am well traveled. Women often have quite a challenge in a lot of countries in that part of the world, unless they live in the bubble of the expat community. Maybe you need to be assaulted yourself so you learn greater understanding what it's actually like. And how do you know how I live and what I drive in the UK and whether it will be "better" in Bahrain? I think you're off the top.

    Thanks for the advice on jobs in the financial sector. There are quite a few jobs advertised in the UK within the financial sector. They do tend to be mainly commissioned based (maybe that's why?).

    Ali: the job is in advertising and PR. Maybe a good career for those interested. I think IT and PR positions always have some form of demand, especially on senior levels.


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