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    Well first of all, congratulations on getting the job! During these economic times, getting a job like this is rare and very hard to get.

    £70, 000 tax free is A LOT, even by UK standards. You say you are single, you should be able to save money easily. You wouldn't need to hire a driver at all. Arab women in Bahrain drive freely. There's no dress code either (of course you can't wear very revealing clothes either as it's frowned upon). Everyone from Arabs to Western tourists, wear pretty much whatever they prefer. Amwaj Islands is a dream location for anyone (I've been to some beautiful places and this for me, is definitely one of the best!). It is very secured, beautiful and quite serene. Night life is fun, but limited. Bahrain can sometimes get pretty boring as it is a small island after all.

    Bahrain, as compared to Saudi Arabia is a much liberal country. I've been to belly dancing clubs in Bahrain and a few decent night clubs (obviously, they're not as good as UK's, say Gatecrasher, but close). Bahrain is home to many foreigners and the locals are very welcoming and polite especially to Westerners. It has a huge British community and they all meet and socialise in public without any fear. Women do everything and almost anything they want. They do everything that you've mentioned in your question and much more, freely.

    However, there have been riots and there's a slight unrest in the region. But, the government is coping well with the situation. The situation is nothing like Libya or Syria.

    I love the place and obviously based on my experiences, I've tried my best to give you an overview. These are my opinions of the country. Hope this helped.

    Do you mind me asking what sort of job is it? I'd like to know the title if possible. :)

    All the best!

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