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Pet Friendly Apartments??

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Hi Everyone!
My husband and I are moving to Bahrain in July, and we're hoping to bring our two inside-only cats with us.

I'm wondering if anyone here can offer advice about pet-friendly apartments in Juffair? Do most landlords accept pets? Deny pets? What sort of extra fees/deposits are involved?

ANY advice you could offer would be so appreciated.


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    We moved out nearly 2 years ago and couldn't find any apartments which would allow dogs, so we ended up with Daytona Beach Rentals and now live here very happily with our 2 dogs.

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    Thanks, Aravinth and MC for your helpful replies. I really appreciate it!


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    Aravinth is correct - landlords will not mind. I take it you have already looked into the 'getting the cats into the country' issues. If not, call Norma +973 39835219. She is a fantastic South African lady, and will help you with everything to do with it.

    Good luck

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    Dear Kelli,

    Welcome to the forum! Apartments in Juffair allow pets. Just mention it to your landlord prior to signing the rental contract.

    A friend of mine owns a dog but did not mention this to the landlord. Later when he found out, he was ok with it but not every landlord might be this understanding. Cats are quieter than dogs so I guess you guys better mention it.

    And I'm not certain about any fees/deposits involved.

    Hope this helps.


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