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Please can anyone from Bahrain advise me, will be very much appreciated x

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Hi all, I live in the uk, I sent a parcel recorded delivery to Bahrain, almarkh 533, I can provide the exact details if needed.
I need to obtain proof of delivery, the registered reference is RI 7624 7730 7GB
I have searched all the Internet and emailed loads of places, all of which have not responded, please can someone help me obtain this proof of delivery as I need it to claim my refund. I would be very appreciative of any help.
I went on one website that advised that the parcel was located at budayia post office, I can not locate a email or phone number for them.

Feel free to email me at [...]
Thank you so so much

Anna shabana choudry xxx

  • Fazjo H

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    .. your package was delivered on 6th August,
    I have sent you an email with the full details.. from [...]
    so you can check it..
    Have a good day :)

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    To whom did u send the parcel?? Why dont u confirm with the person that he/she rcv the parcel or not??

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