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Resignation without fulfilling a year under company visa

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I need all of your professional and legal advise. Last May 2016, I joined a company in Bahrain. Everything seems to be good (benefits,salary etc.) I've been very hopeful that they can give me a visa upon joining but not really. They promised to transfer my visa from my Aunt's business( I used this visa while looking for a proper job, as I was also working for my Aunt's salon business for the meantime ) One month passed and they still could not transfer, Until a month became 2,3,4 then it became a year. I was very nervous and pressured all the time because it was very dangerous. Until I can't handle it anymore and told them that its better to tell me if they do not intend to prepare a visa for me. They quite felt alarmed and immediately transferred my visa to one of the companies affiliates. But still! Not under the company I am working for! After a month they finally transferred my visa under my company.
The second issue is that I am really feeling verbally abused and threatened by my boss lately, because he is saying such rude things to me, and sometimes attacking me personally and I am thinking to resign because I'm fed up. But I am afraid that I could not do so because my visa under my company has just been done this june 2017, after a year of working with them. What can I do? Should i just endure and wait until next year? Or can i do something? The only thing I have are salary slips.
Please help me towards this issue.

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