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Salary in Bahrain.

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Hello Everybody,

I am an Indian (in Delhi) and getting a Job Offer in Bahrain with the following benefits: We are a family of three. Me, my wife and 5 year daughter. She is in Nursery Class. Our net (after tax deductions) total earning 1,20,000/-
We like to eat out once a week. I love my Whiskey. Otherwise, we lead a normal life, not a very high flying.

Now the Bahrain Benefits:

1. Basic Salary 1250 BD
2. 2 BR Flat
3. Car
4. Air Ticket
5. Family VISA
6. Medical as per Govt. rules
7. Profit Sharing in my company revenue

Please advice about, howz the offer..

Awaiting a reply with few details, like expenses on fooding, schooling (fees in DPS), telephone, internet etc etc.

Thank you in advance.

Deepak Oberoi

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    Thank you for your insight..I feel the offer is good...I can live comfortably...

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    Dear Deepak,

    First off, welcome to the forum!

    Since the benefits include a car and rent, the offer is quite good. These take up a bulk of an average households' monthly expense. The rest of the items are generally offered to most employees, except of course, the profit sharing incentive.

    Food will cost approx. from BD200 - 250 monthly. I'm sure once you get here, your actual expense would be much lower. And I'm not considering eating out. You have nice restaurants here from BD 4 per person upto .. well depends on you guys. And of course, alcohol can be purchased here from designated wine stores.

    I'm not sure about DPS but Indian School (largest and one of the oldest expat school in Bahrain) would cost approx BD 30 - BD 50 monthly upto Primary. There are other schools as well which you can comfortably assess once you get here.

    There are a couple of service providers here and you can get great packages for BD 25 - 40 monthly inclusive of the handset, service, internet etc. And this cost can be reduced as well.

    I hope this helps.


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    Any well wishers for a new comer to Bahrain..??

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