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Sexually Harassed In Amwaj Island

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I just wanted to have a voice as a woman living in Bahrain.

I was running at 10:30 AM in Amwaj Islands when a man pulled over in a round-a-bout and rolled down his window. He waved me over as if he needed directions. The situation seemed innocent because many visitors have been lost in Amwaj before, and it was in broad daylight in Amwaj.

I jogged over and he started asking me questions like "Where is do I get there....etc" I pointed him in the right direction. Then he started asking me "Where is the Lagoon..." I began to feel that something was not right. I suddenly looked down, and saw that he had TAKEN OUT HIS **** and was ********** it off!!! He was trying keep me there by asking stupid questions so that he could ......

Disgusted and shocked, I cursed at him and ran off. I waved down the Amwaj Security and luckily the man was caught. I spent the whole morning at the police station pressing charges and feeling violated as a woman.


Friends have told me that he might just get off the hook, get a fine or get a maximum of 2 days in jail????

I am just so appalled by this man's actions. I feel hurt and violated. I could not believe that something like that happened in a neighborhood like Amwaj which is regarded as safe.

I've also heard that I'm not the only one, and this is not the first occurrence in Amwaj.

I just don't understand why a man would violate and disrespect a woman like that on the street. Why do these men feel that any woman walking on the street is a sex object????

I feel so sad, disappointed, and very let down in the culture and in the legal system. The fact that it is accepted that all women walking on the street is a sex object. The fact that the police actually had a small chuckle when I told them about my experience. Bahrain is a conservative country and a crime like this should be carried out with severe punishments, not just a fine or 2 days in jail. Even in more liberal countries, this man would have been given more punishment. to all the women in Bahrain. Please be safe when you go out alone. Always try to go out with a buddy. If you must go alone, DO NOT EVER TALK to anyone, no matter how innocent the situation may seem. Take precautions no matter where you live, even if you think your neighborhood is safe.

Last note, I would like to thank the Amwaj Manager because he is the only person that seemed to take this situation seriously. I'm really thankful that at least one person sees the seriousness of the situation.

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    Hi Angel, Just came across your article and feel so bad as i also remember my experience while going to Abu Bakr Mosque on the call of prayer from my office located on exhibition road. This Guy in his Saudi car stopped and seeing his car's number plate i thought he was asking directions, hence i stopped by to help and this guy told me to come in his car...Damn that saudi guy...i just ran towards the Mosque and when i finished prayer and i came out to return to my office, i still saw him there..I feel so scared..couldnt ask for help...hence ran and went to my office. Told my boss and the colleagues about my experience with tears..This is extremely harrasing and from then i never went out alone to pray

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    Angel, I am so sorry to hear what happened to you
    take care

  • Mohammed AbuSiyam

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    Am sorry ti hear this... and hove you will go over it.
    I am sure such a sick human will not be arrested for only 2 days!
    I recommend you to follow up with the authority .
    Take care and kee0 a distance. ..

  • yaseen siraj

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    Hi angel I really feel sorry for you .. I have to tell you that bahrains law is really stupid .its totally impartial.that bloody freak should have got atleast 5 yrs minimum behind bars but I guess he's a Bahraini so a mere fine of 50 bd or two days jail....

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    Hi Angel
    My experience as a Bahraini woman is do not talk to strangers on the road when you are alone , no matter which country you live in

    your situation happened to me when I was a student at university of Bahrain, when somebody (not student) stopped me in the car park asking me about a direction

    The Second time happened to my friend in London when a black man in Croydon stopped her in his car asking the same question

    My advise to you is just ignore those sick people and walk straight

  • Fazjo H

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    I don't know what crap George has written..
    But I understand what you feel..!!! Amwaj is supposed to be a safe place with security, unfortunately, public is allowed to enter because of the construction projects, and Mall, hotels, etc. It is so sad to hear that you had to go through this. Not to mention you being a grown woman. The same happened while I was in School. in Hoora, waiting at the bus stop bunch of 15 girls and 20-25 boys standing separately, we even had a teacher with us. and this car stops in front of us. and we dont notice anything. then the bus comes and we have to pass the car and he rolls down the window and smiles at us masturbating. :| let me mention, we were in 10th grade?? uniform below the knees. how sick is that?? :|
    Another time, was in the Church, during Family day last year.. scores of people in the church compound.. families, kids, etc, and 2 of us see an Asian man, with his hand in his pants looking at a small girl..!!! So please.. what excuse does a man have to do this sh*t in public.. and how would he react if it was his sister, mother, wife or daughter in this situation??? :@

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    Angel, I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. I know how awful it is. How long have you lived there?
    I have traveled a lot, and was subject to constant insults by sexual harassment, open masturbation, and exposure by men from Asia/East when I was a guest in these countries. And believe me, I was covered up like a snowman! I don't even know how they figured out I was female :) .
    Every female I know who has traveled in these regions have the same experience and it seems very very common. What I think you have to do is 1) do NOT talk to men who are alone (they think its an intimate invitation), 2) do NOT look them in the eyes. 3) do NOT stand close to them. Maybe some of the locals have additional advice for you according to their knowledge. You do need to be careful as Bahrain has only a 2 week sentence for rape and small fines for other assaults. Its at least good the police did indeed write down your complaint, and fantastic that the manager took immediate action. Hope the police give him a real good beating! That can be much more humiliating to him than some fines he'll bribe himself out of.

    George, your response to her questions are absolutely horrid! What an awful man you are!! Shame on you.

    I have never in my entire life been sexually harassed in the west. Harassment of women is extreme in the East and in Asia, so don't even compare. Admit your problems - only then can they eventually be solved. If you always deny them or are defensive about them, nothing can change and everything remains the same.

  • Shoky S.

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    I am really sorry to hear such kind of incident in Bahrain since Bahrain is famous for its respect and generosity. However, i am agreed with Yvonne that good and bad people are available everywhere, it’s just the number that’s vary. We should not compare the countries and cultures here and just try to work together in order to stop such occurrence from the country where we live. I have already forwarded the message to few known people and i am sure that they will take a corrective action for Amwaj security.

  • Andrew L.

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    Right on Hashem. People like George don't get it when it comes to topics like this, and they should realize the difference you mention. Luckily, Bahrain is much better in this regard to other mid east countries. While living in Kuwait it was common to hear of harassment, to the point where women were ran of the road while driving only so the man could get their personal information. While Bahrain does seem better (this is the first I have heard of something like this since the two years I have been here), it is a shame it has happened. It is a honorably way to treat women, and it gives all guys a bad image.

  • Hashem M

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    Oh please George K!!! The difference between here and in the west is that over there they take sexual harassment as a serious crime. Over here in middle east, men (including the cops) give each other a high five for such acts. Angel I say you go girl. You spoke up and that's what matters. Bringing this to light will scare off that loser. Other women will be more cautious from now onwards when approached by men in cars thanks to you. Thank God that pervert didn't pull you in like how some Saudis like to do when visiting Bahrain for the weekend.

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