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What is Arc Flash Study? is Electrical Arc Flash Very Dangerous?

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what is arc flash analysis? is the first question that raises in every safety concerns mind. Arc flash analysis is a combination of electrical study with ref to the safety guidelines. Arc flash hazard study also known as arc flash risk assessment is performed to identify and mitigate the arc flash hazards or arc flash risks available in the system and ensure the safety of the working personnel with proper arc flash safety procedure.
Whom to choose for Arc Flash Study?
Then the biggest challenge comes whom to choose for arc flash analysis services and how to identify the best among arc flash study companies in the globe.

You are at the correct place at correct time. VB Engineering has vast and wide experience in providing the arc flash study services and its global presence will enable you with a great comfort.

Our arc flash assessment Procedure as follows: We do a thorough arc flash study for each and every facility considering various important factors mentioned in NFPA 70E for arc flash safety program.

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