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cost of living in Bahrain for an Indian

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Hi All,

My name is Sujith I am from India. I have job offer in bahrain, they are offering 300 BD monthly which is excluding accommodation and food. anyone pls let me know is this a good offer? what is average living expense in bahrain?

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    Hi ranjith , my self feroz shaik , i have 2yrs off experience in software field i am looking for job opportunity in bahrain i don't know how to apply and how to search job there please guide me .
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    I have got an offer from Bahrain company called auriopro . They are offering me 450 BD / Month package .
    Do you think the package is enough will I able to live in bahrain as able to save money as well.

    Or I should ask for more.

    Please suggest.

  • Hans Max

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    Keep in mind that, while it is crucial to factor in your new destination's cost of living; IT IS NOT the only way you’ll know what an offer is really worth.You might risk your income if solely depend on base salary.

    Being an expat involves a multitude of risks and extra cost, such as i.e extra transportation cost, housing double payment, losing annual bonus , home/host country taxes, home country morgage payments/host country housing rental , higher tax, unexpected import duty, higher international school fees ,moving cost, rental deposit , year by year inflation cost, storage cost etc….and lot's more of other issues!!

    download expat salary calculator :

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    Hello All,

    I get an offer from Bahrain company offering me 800BHD/month + Accommodation and transport allowances(216BHD/month).

    I want to know what is the cost of living in Manama including accommodation food outing and other expenses...

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    hi sujith, I am ranjith from India, and just landed in bahrain three weeks back.
    what i realised after coming here is tht cost of living actually depends on individual person...cuz
    there are people who ;live with even just 120 BD /month quite comfortably.
    and people making 1000bd find it difficult to meet expenses too.
    so basically it depends on where u r staying, type of accomodation and your nature of spending..
    a room on sharing basis rent may cost you something like 40BD /month (if 5 people sharing a 2 BHK flat)
    food...if u r cooking yourslef...may cost you around 100 bd,and
    transportation....actually depends on wether ur work requires you to travel...other wise u really dont have to worry about in short...for a bachelor 120- 150 BD /month is basic min expenditure....
    u want any further info...please clarify in more detail about ur job offer and place u are goona work in etc...and nature of job

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