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cpr in Bahrain

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I got a job in Bahrain at a reputable 5 star hotel as a Sales Maanger in Sept 2010 and brought my little girl to live here. Unfotunately we had to return in December as not one but two of my close family members died. As I was in my probation perod they said that they could not keep my job open until when I arrived back this week. My partner is a musician and we are unmarried he is currently confirming a new contract. My daughters school when she returned today requested a CPR for her and I did not have it give. If my partner gets a new contract with a hotel chain would they be able to provide a CPR for my daughter as we are not married? I am looking for a new job now, how long have I got to secure a new job and CPR for me and my daughter? Thank you for any advice provided.

  • khalil ahmad

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    CPR can be issue in only one way.when you have resisency permit in bahrain.otherwise you cant,try to get residense permit then you will able to get it withen few days only

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