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employment visa poblem

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good day, what should i do? if i got an offer letter from the next company where i entrust all of my document to transfer the visa for employment, then that company did not take any legal action for me because just they found out that they doesn't have visa available anymore..and i am already cancelled in my previous visa.? what should i do now? that i have 1week remaining for 1 month grace period after cancellation of my previous visa. thank you!

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    . I resigned from an employer after working for him for 2 . 5 months. I was already a local hire by that time.
    I was advised by the company I wished to join, that I will need to resign within the 3 months (probation period) if I resigned one day after 3months, I would need to remain with his company for 1 year. So I did what was advised, and I resigned with 2 weeks notice, and resigned through registered mail 7 days before my probation would be completed. My employer did not release me, and as I had a company waiting for me to start work, I left my old employers accommodation he had provided (this was 2 weeks after he kicked me out of his company) ! month later he went to the police and made a case stating I had run away, even though I had proof I had legally resigned, then he made another case accusing me of theft of a book, without proof, later that day I heard through an ex colleague whom is employed at his company, that he had found the book, but did not want to drop the case, and under no circumstance was I to be told that the missing book had been found.

    I wish to legally transfer to another company as I have been out of work now for more than 2 months. I have been to the labour courts, and was told I need to file a case against him (ex employer) for not releasing me. I was also told that with such a case, I could get a jail term and be deported.

    I request advice on who to speak to and in which department, and especially which area of Bahrain. As I have honestly spent a lot of money on taxi fair to get to a place where I cannot be helped.

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    Hi mr. Krish
    Can U plz help me???
    Actually I have renew my passport today
    N they have cancelled my old passport n new passport is empty,
    Like this can I buy ticket n go back to my country??
    My contract is untill 2016 N its my 1 year already finished here
    What should I do plz help me
    Hopeful for Your kind advice
    Thank U

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    The shop were i working was closed last December 2014 my madam let me work in her friend now i find new employer and welling to transfer my visa but my madam she not cancel my visa even my new sponsor talk with her just she promise to cancel it but till now she not i send her already my offer letter and resignation letter by post office register mail.My visa expired on 17th of September 2015.What best i can do this matter so my new sponsor can transfer my visa under there company?

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    Hi ,

    My visa is expiring on 04Aug,2016.Today status of my employment change to Grace period.I want to know how long this status will appear for one month or 3 month.

    Secondly, my father is coming on 04Aug,2016 so he have his own CR so he will transfer my visa to his CR.So do i need to go for cancel stamp on my passport and go for Mobility to LMRA or not.

    I will really appreciate your quick reply

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    hi sir, im sasi i have one problem. my visa expire on 7th june 2015 but my boss cancell my visa this month he say not give leave salary and settlements. ticket only he provide what i do i need, whats procedure to get the leave salary and intermative salary. please help me

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    i would like ask some question sir, i work before in a company, i work for a month only and i'd resign for that company, and after that he cancelled me and i take mobility and i found a new sponsor, the new sponsor he told me that they cannot apply for me a new visa because they didn't found any cancelled stamp in my passport and then they told me to get back again to my previous sponsor for that stamp, i gave my passport and then my previous sponsor he go to immigration for that stamp and when he gave me back my passport i checked it and i look for stamp and i found the date of stamp of my passport was expired and now my new sponsor they told me that to go back again in my previous sponsor to re cancelled again, and my previous sponsor was declined my request.. . sir what should i do? what the best i can do?
    i really dont know what to do pls sir help me ill wait for your response thanks and godbless

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    Thank you very much mr.Krish for your response.

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    Good afternoon Dear friends,
    I have worked for one year and two months and i want to resign and go to finish my company is on record not letting people go in peace they demand for money as a fine of not competing the contract and the bahrain law is very clear after one year you can change your job or leave without hindrances please guide me on how i should handle this issue if they ask for money.

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    sir i am from india .just came after my vaccation before ending my visa .and now my company is saying me to work in other depertment in carpentary painting section and i am not able to work there because of allergy of wood powder .and one of our incharge .he wants me to go in other work there for i was working last 6years in auto painting section .and now they are saying me to work in other depertment of wood .aaking me ti bring a medical i told them to cancel my visa and send me back to india .so they are asking me to pay 200 bahrain bd for visa and flight charge .they updated my visa two days just in sad dont know wat to do please advise me ...wat to do

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    I have a problem with my old employer. I finished my contract with them here in bahrain they give me released and cancelled my visa already but they didn't give my 2 years annual settlement. they give us one month grace period in bahrain to find new job since I didn't found I have to leave. My cousin from dubai settle my ticket and visit visa but my ticket arrived first. my old company is asking my ticket copy, visa copy and letter that im leaving the country. I passed the ticket and letter already but my visa is still on process and may come out by the day of my travel. my manager don't want to released my cheque for my annual salary for 2 years if I will not give visa copy I told him I'll send it to follow. what should I do? my flight would be 16 of july to dubai then dubai to philippines on aug. 10. how can I get my annual salary? asap.

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