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getting family visa in bahrain

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My husband has received a job in bahrain and is continuing since last May he has not yet got GPR permit so that he can take me to bahrainHope he will soon get it.I need to know how long will it take to get family visa once it is applied for

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    My wife has got selection for Bahrain Defense Force hospital as staff nurse. She has to go to Bahrain first. Our family consists of me, my wife and my mother.My father is no more. She is dependent on us and cannot be left alone. So I am staying back in India till she gets CPR and then she applies for family visa . Can my wife apply for a family visa for me and my mother as dependents.
    Or in other case if I find a job in Bahrain can I take my mother to Bahrain with any visa?
    Is there any visa for special cases through which I can take my mother also to Bahrain. Please guide me on this matter. Should I enquire with by the General Directorate of Nationality Passports and Residency for any details? Otherwise we will have drop the job offer unwillingly. Please help me on this matter. Please reply at the earliest.
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    Hello Remya. If your husband is already in Bahrain working then he has to have a CPR. Without the CPR he can not work. The process is as follows;

    a) He gets a job offer.
    b) He accepts.
    c) Company applies to LMRA for work / residence permit.
    d) Work / residence permit is issued allowing him to come to Bahrain.
    e) He comes to Bahrain and has to have a medical done within 30 days.
    f) He takes the medical result and his passport to the CIO.
    g) 3 days later CPR (SmartCard) is ready for pickup.

    Once he has the CPR getting a family visa should take no more than about 60 days. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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