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i want to learn arabic!!!

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can anyone help - only those who have experience in teaching languages.

  • Waseem Kazi

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    thanx every 1 for your replies - really appreciate

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    I'm member of this website:

    There you can learn, practice or teach any language via Skype. In my case I practice Chinese for free, and I teach Spanish. Also you can find teachers and translators for money.

    Try it, it's very easy.

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    Hi there,

    I've been learning with a great private tutor for 4 weeks and I already can understand a lot of what the locals say. He has a great interactive method of teaching and promised to teach me Arabic in 5 months. I tired many courses and this guy is the best.

    here's his website,

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    i can teach you

  • Saghir Alam

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    spent at least one hour with any bahrani person and within one month you probably become arabic teacher..... there is a huge difference between arabic language, what we read in books and slang arabic which we speak in bahrain.....

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    I know a good teacher of arabic.

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