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    Cohabitation - Samenwoning contract

    posted by  Leyla Y. in Belgium forum 

    Hello there,
    Is there anyone among you that can enlighten me about Cohabitation? For the moment I live in Belgium and with my Belgian partner we will apply for cohabitation. But still the cohabitation procedure will not be finished before my residence permission ends. So between,I wont have an valid identity card for 2 weeks of so. The first rule; they told us, that we have to live in the same address and we do live in the same address but when we have to present our documents and when they see that my identity card is not valid anymore, will it be a problem? if any of u has an experience or safe knowledge, I ll be so glad to be informed.
    Thank you

  • Julie Daniel


    posted by  Julie Daniel in Belgium forum 

  • H.F. E.

    please go to this site very helpful...

    posted by  H.F. E. in Belgium forum 

    this site will tell you about most it quick as otherwise you may be deported and then it is hard to come in again...
    and if not don't need a visa, or any id card anymore if you have a Belgium partner..but it is very tricky must proof also you have been together..and also if it isn't a fake partnership...etc..but this forum will give a lot of details...hope it will be a help..and that you don't live in Antwerp or they want to make it tough around here for foreigners...outside the EU...but they also have special arrangements with Turkey...but it should be just may have to do a course to integrate..have to speak either Flemish or French depending where you reside...



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    posted by  Leyla Y. in Belgium forum 


    Thank you for the answer but fortunately we managed it without any problem. Now I have my orange card and Annex 19. the only negative thing is that in case I go out ofBbelgium, I am not allowed to get in again. this identity card is not sth so valid. But after 5 months, taking my electronic identity card, i ll be fine with going abroad and coming back!



  • norliza defante

    hi i need help

    posted by  norliza defante in Belgium forum 

    hi i got the same from madrid and im going to belgium this december...ito visit my boyfriend and i dont know wats the best way so i can stay there for good cos im just allowed to stay in belgium for 3 mos. cos im residence in im wondering wats the best thin i can do to have a legal papers in belgium please anyone can help me....

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    posted by  Leyla Y. in Belgium forum 

    Hello Norliza,
    Well if u are a spanish citizen, ur stay here wont be a problem. no matter which nationality u re, if u will stay in belgium more than 3 months, u just have to go to integration service(of the city u ll live) in the first week you arrive in belgium to declare that u re NOT A BELGIAN and u gotta stay here more than 3 months. But for EU citizens, this is nor a problem neither a long process. Though I had friends who studied in belgium as erasmus for 10 months and didnt go to integration service at all.Of course I do not want to misdirect you but as i said if u re EU citizen, just dont worry. if your boyfriend is living here, he can search it for u and explain in details.
    i wish u success

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    posted by  Leyla Y. in Belgium forum 

    i forgot to say that u gotta have a logical and acceptable reason to stay for more than 3 months (education, invited by a company to work....)

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