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    Hello Murat,

    I've taken the intensive courses at the UCT in Ghent. They meet every weekday for 3 hours and the whole course lasts about 4 weeks. The first course was not as intensive as the other courses since usually a first level language course is only learning the very basics of the language. I would encourage you to participate in this course, however. I think it is the most intensive course offered in Ghent (without having a private instructor). There are also other options to help you with your language learning. The House of Dutch website might also be helpful for you (Het Huis van het Nederlands) http://www.hvngent.be/. Good luck!

    Oh, just wanted to add one more thing: If you want to study with the UCT I would suggest enrolling as soon as possible because sometimes they have a waiting list. The Dutch language courses, especially the lower level courses, fill up extremely fast.

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