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    As you read in the first messages I am Greek,
    but also Argentinian, f

    I am no expert in Belgium. That was what I was looking in this forum.

    Also, do not count on learning Dutch, in 6mo or 1 year. (hust with a language school)
    I also did a lesson per week while leaving in Greece, for 5 months, and I am still a dummy beginner .

    In 1 year, if living in BE/NL, and with very hard work, and if you hang out with Dutch speakers, and you can force them NOT to switch to English (because that is the easy way to do for them),
    maybe you reach a satisfactory level.

    There are a couple of blogs, written by Argenitinian women, living in NL,
    chech out



    (maybe the last is from Spain)

    good luck

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