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    Well, we live in Athens.
    and Athens from June to August IS an OVEN :)

    and although I can be in an athenian beach, with half an hours drive, there is no chance I stay here during my holidays. (the only reason would be if I was broke).

    We've booked a room in central Greece (Pelion), for 50-60 euros a day.
    so, 2 week will cost us between 1000 to 1300 eu.
    and still, that's not very expensive. If we went to an island (Creta, Corfu, Rhodes, or Paros), with a car, it would be much more expensive.
    That is no "staying at home" :)

    if I choose Spain or Holland, for vacations, the price would not be so much higher.

    From what I have read about Switzerland, is that :
    Job market very competitive. One of the 2 languages (FR/DE) is a must, while in BE or NL many have survived just with their english.
    Their salaries seem rocket high for a greek or belgian, but so is the cost to rent inside the big cities.
    Taxation is very low (compared to greek, belgian, french).
    Integration for newcomers seems harder than in BE/NL/LUX.
    maybe their more like France in that.
    and most important, their are not a full member of the EU (whatever this means for the right to free mobility, etc.).
    They have signed the Schenghen treaty, so a Greek or a Briton going there is always in a better position than an expat from non-EU countries
    , but not in the same "friendly" legal environment he would be if moving to FR/BE/NL.

    The swiss cantons have a great deal of autonomy from the central government, maybe each one deals differently with immigration, education, work permits, etc..
    Their immigration policies are a little "gray" for a non expert, and I dont have the patience to research it more.

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