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Prepaid cards in Belgium

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Hey, can anyone of you recommend a good mobile provider in Belgium? I'm looking for a prepaid card with low charges.

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  • Andrés Sastré

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    I recommend you to use Rebtel, I use it all the time to call to Mexico.

    If you need more info or you want explanation let me know.


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    I am looking for an online site to purchase prepaid phone cards that can call to japan and jordan from US,UK,Canada at a reasonable rate. I am also wondering if there is any difference between the different phone cards and calling cards in terms of quality or are they just all the same. Any information on this would be helpful!

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    Hey Agostino,

    in case of my information is still interesting for you, i would suggest DCalling.

    DCalling is a kind electrical prepaid calling card which you can completely administrate over the internet. It involve an german provider which services can be used at all places you want also in belgium.

    If it is interesting for you, so try it..

    bye bye Chriss

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    Stefano ciao

    There are so many prepaid cars services, eventually it will depend what kind of communication and where you call.

    I personnaly am a reseller for a VoIP company that is compatible with any kind of mobile prepaid or postpaid service. It is great to call international and sometimes also national.

    when you use a prepaid mobile : I suggest you Proximus, you can use the gateway of nomado to call to national or international.

    In exemple, you will be able to call around 13ct/minute to Italy with Proximus and nomado (need to make an online activation at


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