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What's the cost of living in Belgium?

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Can anyone of you help me with this question?
How many income would be good to get on with?

Best regards!

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  • xu guohai

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    acording to the social benefit in belgium. that is 740 euro for single. so if one months 700 euro is sure enough for a student to cover his or her cost during the study in belgium. I do know some student get student's grant during their study. but it depend on the school. plus In belgium if a student younger than 25 years can enjoy certain discount from the train and public service etc.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I've just come across this website, which seems really good. I'm a student living in New Zealand and I'm very interested in studying in Belgium, so thank you for the great information. Would anyone be able to let me know more about accommodation in Belgium, and also Student Loans/ Grants from the Government? Is flatting an option? The city I would like to study in is Antwerp. Camille, you said there is a law against students paying for their studies only from student jobs. What other ways are available exactly?
    Many thanks, any info is much appreciated.

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    Hello Ginanjar,

    Can I have the passworkd to make changes to the salary2007 excel sheet found at ?


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    Hi Camille,

    Your info is such a gold. However, I would like to know if this still applicable ? It's an excel form to calculate income tax, however, it is based on 2007 tax regulations, I wonder if they are still applicable. Let say I am getting €3,700, my take home pay will be around €2,050? With living cost arounf €1,100-1,500, that would leave me €900-500 a month for savings? I am not married by the way.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards,

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    I am Karthik from Bangalore. I got a job offer in Belgium. But slary is 3800 Euros before tax. SO net will be very less.
    I have 10 yrs of work experience in embedded development. I have a MS degree in Comp Engg.
    What kind of salary my kind of profile gets?
    Can i have your contact details?

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    I am Karthik from Bangalore. Can I have ur email id and contact phone number? I am also moving to Belgium.

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    I am moving to Belgium. My employer has offered a base salary per month (before tax) is 3800 Euros.
    How much will I end up paying as tax.
    What is the decent salary to lead a comfortable lifestyle in Antwerp, Belgium?

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    Hi Camile, my company is giving me a relocation to Belgium and I started looking at your thread. I enjoyed reading as it gave a lot of information. Well I wanted to learn something more on the total cost of living etc. in Belgium. more specifically on the most important expenses in Mechelen if possible - housing rental, car, monthly grocery cost for a family of 2. I will be grateful if you could provide some more insight in this area..

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    I am a Nurse from India.I have some doubt regarding cost of living and tax pay in Belgium.I hope you will help me.
    1. If i get 3000 Euro per month how much I have to pay as tax.
    2. What is the basic salay for a Nurse.


  • Estefanía Eaton

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    Hi Camille!!

    I wonder if you know about the cost of living in Louvain, because i'm from Chile, and my boyfriend and i, we want live together in Louvain for my studies in UCL and he works in the restaurant (chef de partie).

    I hope you answer and help us!!!! please

    Estefanía Eaton

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