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"the way of life" in Belgium

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As part of a research project I'm currently working on, can anyone here describe to me in their own words "the way of living" in Belgium?

Daily routines; stereotypes; beliefs; social etiquette and anything else you'd like to comment on?

The more varied the opinions the better, so get arguing!!! (kidding of course :P)


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  • Muhammad Tazin

    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    I am from Bangladesh. As it is having crucial economy, I am planning to get permanent residence permit in Europe.
    Belgium is on top of my choice, because I have got positive information about there. As like If 100 Thousand Euro is invested then permanent resident is sure.
    My Intension is to go there at first as a student for a year-long course. My field of skill is learning language. Then I want to judge the society and business conditions there. Then I will investment.
    Can you give suggestion about-
    *The per hour salary of working in a Super store,filling station etc. (I am told it's 10-12 Euro)
    *Is there any preference if I become expert in their language?

  • Go to John Neary's profile

    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    Dont come to Belgium especially the Francophone region , I am here 10 years with my family waiting for the day I can get out and it will be soon. All of the above negative comments are true. All the positive comments are also true, but the negative beats the positive hands down. if you want to live in a George Orwell 1984 setting then you will be happy here.

  • Taka Nohara

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    Actually I understand totally why people are complaining about the life in Belgium.
    Because I was like them as a Belgian citizen living in Antwerp.

    Until 2 years ago, I hated my life in Belgium because the atmosphere in this country is not something people would like to feel everyday. I always thought Belgians are very narrow-minded, hostile, not really welcoming,etc. So I decided to live in New Zealand for one year...people were indeed more friendly, social,etc. I realised that I was living there more optimistically maybe because of the fact that I was just travelling? This helped tme to become more social and open to other people. This is something what I hadn't done in Belgium.

    Once back in Belgium, I decided in my mind that I will stay positive whatever happens in Belgium. With that mindset, my life in Belgium got much better. I realised thatr there are so many things to do in my city Antwerp. There are always nice parties where you can eventually meet nice people with whom you can enjoy life. Lots of intersting events are going on here, not like other cities in Belgium.

    So the location doesn't matter but it all depends on your mindset and people with whom you are hanging out.

    I know that some of you might not agree with me but this is how I live now facing the reality.

    Anyway, stay positive and make the life in Belgium better!!
    Complaining doesn't make it better!! ;-)

  • Demona .

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    Sure thing. Just keep posting to all the places you are interested in. Once you get some activity on the site, you CV will pop up more. So fill in as much information about yourself as possible.

    Happy hunting.

  • Desert Vixen

    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    Hi Demona,

    Thank you for your reply. I visited the site and they do have a lot of job listing for English speaking people. I'll give it a shot. ;)


  • Demona .

    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    The last 3 jobs I've had in Belgium have had English as the working language. However, all of them have been based in Zaventem. Most internationaly based jobs are located in Brussels or Zaventem. A few have popped up here and there in other locations, but chances are.. you will have to commute.

    As for looking for a job, try
    I find it to be one of the most active sites and I have had people calling me for interviews. Post an English CV, look around the site a bit and Best of luck! ^_~

  • Desert Vixen

    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    Hi everyone!

    I cannot help myself from participating in this post because of the exchange of ideas going on around here. I am very new here in Belgium (just 3 months to be exact) and I plan to start a new life here with my husband (a Belgian national). Like what some of you mentioned, communication is such a challenge. I live in west flanders where people speak Dutch and only few can speak good english. I'm going to start my intensive course in Dutch by September and people tell me that by the end of it, I'm going to be fluent in Dutch for sure. But I'm still very worried of finding myself a job. Does anyone of you know companies which hire people who have English as their primary language (and Dutch only secondary)? I've seen some already but most (if not all) of them are in Brussels and the city where I live is more than an hour drive to Brussels. So yeah, finding a job is what worries me the most. :(

    I feel that no matter how fluent I get in speaking Dutch, I would never be as comfortable as speaking in English. With that, I am also thinking that maybe I'm never gonna make new friends (as in very close friends) here. I hope I can be like Chalks who makes the word "migration" seems like an easy word. ;)

  • wendy fernandez

    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    Hi Chalks, this is the 3rd forum I found about Belgium and they are quite discouraging. Lucky I found your post it has been one of the few positive one!! I have the spanish citizenship but I was worn in Colombia and have lived for the last 5 years in Montreal, Canada. It is possible I should move to Belgium next year to do my residence in anestheiolgy in Bruxelles. I have 2 kids ( 14 girl- 9 boy) and after reading those negative posts I felt kind of making a wrong choice for moving there. Thanks you for your positive point of view and as you said once we leave our home country we have to accept that our lives can be different. So I will see.

    Thanks for your commments!

  • Victoria Landa


    posted by  Victoria Landa in Belgium forum 

    Well put chalks...belgium may not be an easy place for foreigners at times but one must put in the effort to make it a little easier. We have to stop complaining and make our lives here what we want.

  • Chalks Corriette

    posted by  in Belgium forum 

    There are many debates like this one on many sites and all countries around the world. I have lived and worked all over the world and at 51, I can tell you that problems are to be found in every country. Why do we not have one country in the world, that is the best example or the best government? As soon as a person leaves a home country - they are accepting that things will be different, for better or worse. If not, do not leave your home country. Dealing with the commune in Belgium is much easier than dealing with the commune in Bahrain, for example. Belgian people, are as locally community focused as any other community I have encountered. International people all over the world, meet an dhang out with other international people, in places that you localize as best as you can.

    We have the choice - get on with ife where we are or go some where else and try there.

    I mean this information in the best possible way and I wish to stop people from only assuming that life is complex in Belgium. Here we are at least in the top 10 countries in the world (UN Poll) for quality of life. The quality part is what you choose to make of it.

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