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timeline for fiancee visa?

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hi. we have our documents submitted for fiance visa in Belgium embassy in Manila first week of oct. and interviewed again first week of dec. we're wondering what is the average processing time for this visa type..we are hoping to get married before our marriage declaration expires feb 10..does anyone here wants to share their experiences re fiance visa? thanks and happy new year!

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    I am just quite confused after reading the embassy site about the legalization of the papers. It says there that the civil registry like birth certificate and CENOMAR should be processed in the NSO main office in the Quezon City, otherwise they will not gonna authenticate it, since I am from here in Cagayan de Oro , we have also NSO here and DFA, but that means I shouldn't process it here, should be in queZon? Is that really matters?

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    Thanks for the info kath, at least we have ideas. It would be rough for me to process the papers since I am from Cagayan de Oro city plus I have a full time work here, it maybe difficult for me to gathered all the documents coz this seems like time consuming to do so . But anyway, good luck to us. We will still try to process the visa.. Haist...

    I still have a lot of questions to ask but I will maybe post it here soon so I can really get definite advise what to do if ever I get confuse of a certain docs...I am very much pleased having this forum and much thanks to those people who are trying to help each other..

    As soon as I can start processing , I will always update in here..

  • Kathleen D'Haeseleer

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    Yes. Some said it is required to have a one year of relationship before a couple can apply for FV. But it is not indicated in the website of the embassy. I heard many stories where they got visa approval even not yet one year in a relationship. Actually, we are almost the same but my fiance and I still decided to try it because we really want to be together again for good. :)

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    Thanks for reply, I just finished reading the blog site here including the ZP blog, it was really informative. However, I have another problem now since from reading this I found out that you need to be at least in one year in relationship, we just in 7 months yet, could we still capable for applying the fiancé visa?

    Thanks for anyone who can help...

  • Kathleen D'Haeseleer

    Aiza Pegarit

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    Hello! You must gather first all the requirements stated in the website of the Belgium embassy here in the Philippines. Some of the documents there are need to be authenticated and legalized. There are also requirements there that your boyfriend must comply in Belgium. Hope this helps! :)

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    How to apply for fiancée visa?

  • sharon D

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    Hi E.S. i think your very lucky that Lambert is here to guide you, i have read here in Just landed Lambert's experience and stories applying for 3 different kinds of Schengen Visa,.. Congratulations to you Lambert and More power. Hope you will continue to help us here on this forum.. :-)

  • sharon D

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    Thanks also to you Nutty, your response help me alot to not loose my hope.. :-) For i am very sure that i want to be with my Boyfriend forever. And i will try again to apply Visit visa this September for i am planning to visit my Boyfriend in December to celebrate Christmas and new year together.. :-) Take care and have a safe and Happy trip soon nutty.. :-)

  • Lambert Flores

    E.s. - Cohabitation Visa

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    You and your partner needs to decied if the two of you needs cohabitation or fiance visa. I'm under cohabation or samenwonen contract here in Belgium. I appliead last year around August and I got approved November then we both travel together to Belgium January after his December vacation in Philippines.

    Cohabitation is more for couples who don't want to tie the knot first and live together here in Belgium. It's on the embassy website that you and your partner at least met each other for 45 days and in a relationship for two years but one of my friend who I also knew here in justlanded (we're good friends now here in Antwerp) they got denied but they seek a lawyers help because they only know each pther for one year when they applied for cohabitation visa. They discovered that cohabitation visa requires at least one year in arelationship and visa was granted to her.

    In my case, we waited for two years because that's what we know and what's posted in the embassy website. I applied first for tourist/visit visa and got denied twice. So what he did is he's the one who visited me in Philippines for like 7 times in two years and we do some short trips together in Palawan, Thailand, Sg and Hongkong where every time we got the chance to make photos of us together we take that opportunity. We also spend some time together with my family and friends in Philippines and photos are required so we have proofs that we are together during the time of his vacations. Once you're decided tp which visa you're goung to lodge I can help you with all the things I've just to prove our relationship.

    If you want to know more your partner without marriage Cohabitation Visa is good for the two of you. It's a very tough visa application like all other visas. Every visa is unique and you have to really think about it before you apply for it. Don't grt the fiance visa if you don't want to marry him yet. I heard some not so good stories here already but relationship will success if you both love each other even without marriage.

    Hope that this help you decide which visa is good for you and your partner.

  • Nutty Fab

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    Hi Sharon, thanks for your support again :) you will succeed it, once you start everything comes by itself. Yes it is true. I also think his trips helped for our visa. It is a good sign that we have stable relationship, I wish luck for your tourist visa. It will be great if you can see where you will live in future :)

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