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    Great Job Felipe and my F Card..

    posted by  Anna Liza Gural in Belgium forum 

    hello guys,

    just found some time to go thru this forum and i notice that Felipe has been corresponding based on his knowhow and experience to everyone and that is really a great step forward there! Mabuhay Ka Felipe! Funny kasi while reading the latest posts pati tuloy ako na e excite and stress for you guys that are waiting for the results this 2nd week of November.. tulungan lang tayong lahat.. thats what i like about us filipinos.. next time why not talk about where your hubbys are from here in Belgium, malay nyo kapitbahay lang namin sila dito... ok i will start, dito kami nakatira sa City of Diksmuide which is under the jurisdiction of Brussels.. from Brussels it is a 45minute drive that is without traffic..

    I just want to update everyone din in this forum for additional info narin, So as soon as i arrive her ein Belgium nung last May 2011, we filed immediately for Legal commitment and living together sa city hall namin, tapos after few weeks i got my Orange Card that allows me to stay legally in Belgium and not work. We got the police interviews as part of the MArriage process, then eventually we got a go signal that we are good to go to marry, and the last process is just waiting for your F Card, this legally allows me to live and work at the same time and after 3 years then the Belgian Nationality will come in placed.

    So for normally, by the time that i obtain my Orange Card i will have to wait for the process that will takeplace for maximum of 5months.. last 3 weeks ago, we got a call from our cityhall stating that due to new rules governing visa matters in general, the waiting time for the F Card wil now be extended for 1more month.. Shyempre my husband got upset kasi as i have job offers but its sad but i just cant accept it for now. As scheduled, our cityhall in Diksmuide told me that by November 16, they will issue me already my FCard pero now, by December 16 pa.. hay.. i just told my husband na, atleast our cityhall has this courtesy to update us in regards.

    and also, last 2 weeks ago we had filed for Family Reunification as directed by our cityhall, apparently requirements na rin yun for fiancee visa? naguluhan nga ako eh, but atleast the only thing that we need to bring is my husband last 3 paychecks.. lets see what happens next.. like my husband said, Belgium is closing the gates.. sabi ko naman, i dont think BE is closing the gates, its just tightening the requirements and laws to protect their Country narin cgro.

    I just want to set the record straight that i am sharing this info based on where i am from, which is at city of Diksmuide.. I m not sure if this applies to the rest of Belgium.

    I do not meant to worry everyone with regards to this post but awareness so you know.
    I will surely update you guys once we had something new..


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