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Learn dutch free or very cheap

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Hello, I am moving to antwerp in dec 25, I need to learn dutch free or very cheap, please any advice

  • Lambert Flores

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    I arrived here January and went to ATLAS around March and took the exam. I started my Dutch lessons April and since I'm waiting for my papers of residency I have to pay 85 euros but if you have papers/documents that you're legal in Belgium you will only have to pay 10euro for the module.

  • Li Li (Lily) Chong

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    Dear Luis,

    I completely agree with Ina's recommendation- the 'Huis van Nederlands'- House of Netherland' is the cheapest option. Like she said, the best option is to wait for the city to invite you to go for the 'Integration course' which is mandatory for foreigners. I was called to attend Level 1 of Nederlands myself, but I had already completed mine at the university by the time they called me for class,. hence if its really urgent for you to learn Nederlands, you may register yourself at the language center at the University of Anterwerp. If you're a coming to Belgium as a student at the University of Antwerp, you will get discount for the classes too.

    For a start, I stumbled upon this site - a girl who self-taught herself Nederlands, and she shared this on her site (It is a pretty comprehensive compilation, I think!) If you want more Nederlands notes, I have some of my own notes, you can message me personally with your email address if you like to have some.

    It's always great to find another person in the same boat as me.

    Good luck!

  • Ina Wermelskirchen

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    the 'house of Nederlands' is as well a good adress, the University offers cheap classes in evening courses.
    But you are coming from Colombia - so you will get an invitation anyhow to learn t the language. Since a few years foreigners are obliged to learn Dutch.

    Good luck!!!

  • Go to S. W.'s profile

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    Usually when you are already registered in Antwerpen, you'll get invitation letter from the city to go to Atlas. It's an office where they help new comer. The city will give you free Dutch courses for some levels.

    For others, you can browse in internet. for example. It's a free website to learn a lot of languages.

    I hope it helps.

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