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New in Antwerp - trying to reach out

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Hello Friends,

Am new in Antwerp and trying to look for some friends to be able to socialize and expand horizon, clubbing maybe dinning out.

Would be great to know new people and culture. Any one care to reach out and help me feel at home.


  • valery brigadirov

    find friend

    posted by  valery brigadirov in Antwerp forum 

    help me

  • valery brigadirov

    find friend

    posted by  valery brigadirov in Antwerp forum 

    i find my friend from antverpen

  • geraldine geraldine


    posted by  geraldine geraldine in Antwerp forum 

    special thanks to ina for sharing the website
    elsewhere I was using meetup ...


  • Demona .

    Meeting People

    posted by  Demona . in Antwerp forum 

    If you are looking for good, friendly & open people try out Couch Surfing. I so wish someone had told me about this site & group of people before.

  • Ina Wermelskirchen

    posted by  in Antwerp forum 

    Hi Stephane,

    there are some ways to become a happy Expat :-))

    You can try out an international network in Antwerp: Next networking event on the 23.November

    or think about what you like to do in sports.... and join one fo the local teams.
    Or you think about what you ever wanted to try out: new talent, another language new hobbies etc. and look in this direction -

    Good luck!

  • Stephane G.

    New in Antwerp

    posted by  Stephane G. in Antwerp forum 

    Hi everybody,

    I am new in Antwerp, looking for some friends to chill out! It would be great to meet new people in this new city.

    C ya

  • Ina Wermelskirchen

    New friends

    posted by  Ina Wermelskirchen in Antwerp forum 

    Hi Sanjay,

    have you checked out Internations already? - a very active Expat community!

    Worth trying it!

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