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Hello again there and good morning. I am new in Antwerp and i would like to ask something about the parking places. I want to rent a house but I see meters for parking everywhere. When I am a resident here do I get some kind of special license from the municipality to park my car near my house?

  • rao Hussain


    posted by  rao Hussain in Antwerp forum 

    yes. you wil b just free for one zone where you are registerd. and it should b your adress. you can check on antwerpen website.

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    posted by  Nikolas Ren in Antwerp forum 

    In any other zone I will have to pay?

  • rao Hussain

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    yes when you wil get your home then you have to go to stad huis to register your car in system. In antwerpen is zone system so after that you can even park after two streets or next or where ever in same zone for free.

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