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European gipsy history

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The problem is that Westerners are so ignorant that if they hear that gipsy belong to the Roma community space latin or appeared like magic at wolf breasts but they actually come from India brought by the Mongol tribes and not least by the Turks who had in Istanbul the largest slave market and how there do not really like to live in Otoman empire because of the many restrictions including religious(muslim), practicing shamanism fled north into Bulgaria and Valahia and eastern Europe there throughout the space were forced by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria to settle in these areas Transylvania and the rest of the Austro-Hungarian empire including former Yugoslavian space and Poland(Because they were a cheap labor to work the land) .In Russia gipsy have been sold even before arriving in eastern Europe due to the relationships between diffrent tartars leaders and Tzarist factions.The best solution is to get them back where they came from because they do not belong to the European space and can not adapt to European realities they are Indians and so they belong to India.They have gregarious spirit will live in large families outdoors without to comply with European laws that obstruct their free spirit.It's true that much of the population of Europe also comes from India these two genetic groups Celts and Slavs (R1a and R1b) but they came in Europe 3,500 years ago and they adapted between time.If we make an analysis still see some analogies between personality traits of Gypsies and the Celts and Slavs and more like the Celts and Slavs Gypsies once mixed with other peoples become blond same feature that we observe and the Celts and Slavs.Gypsies have been mistaken with astriganos for practicing shamanism and they was called in diffrent states like tingari gitanes etc. .Not even now they still do not really have adopted the Christian faith.In Romania gypsies barely received citizenship after 1975 after Ceausescu tried to integrate them and see that not much has succeed.Others have obtained citizenship after 1990 with the coming to power of president Iliescu(1990)but I can say that Roma women barely spoke local languages ​​until 1980 when they were forced integration attempts made ​​by the communist states with failure results .They have a gregarious spirit that resembles the Indian one.Gipsy have actualy 90% of ther customs comun with turks due to the long period of coexisting in Otoman empire probably 200 years before migrate to the north and west.Even the songs are still influenced by turks.Eventually apearing question that gipsy have something in comun with India but cultural background and personality behavior is still indian.

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    Hey Dorian,

    Thanks for the information! Very helpful... and needed!

    Actually, most Western Europeans hardly know anything about gypsies.
    In some countries people take "Rom(a)" and Rumanian.for a synonym!

    Early this month, I published an article on what is called Europe's largest gypsy camp, Via di Salone, in Rome.
    Well, I found out that many of the camp's inhabitants weren't gypsies, or even Roma!
    Is it true that in Rumania Roma people own, and cultivate, land? Like farmers do? This way, they wouldn't even qualify for travellers as they are sedentary.
    I am planning a trip to Rumania (Iasi) but will do so after wintertime -I do not fancy exploring the Rumanian countryside on my own in wintertime.

    Now, I am preparing an article on Roma people in Saint-Denis, Paris. When I interviewed a young Roma man he used several words I thought were Rumanian. Only, it wasn't Rumanian, I found out later. I guess he used Romani words. For example, "vajo": would that be the Romani word for "car"? I'm just guessing.



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