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Why not cook with olive oil?

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I was wondering why people from the north cook with margarine instead of olive oil? In Spain I use olive oil on a daily basis to cook and I feel so much better. With olive oil you can reduce your cholesterol and it helps to prevent some diseases. I think you are living a better life using olive oil. What's your opinion on this?

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  • Bo Lamote

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    A lot of people use olive oil over here now.
    But it's true that originally we use butter (not margarine, we use that on bread)
    Why? Very easy: it was cheaper.
    And we don't have olive trees so until 50 years ago no one in Belgium ever heard about coocking with olive oil :)
    I hope i helped you with my answer :)

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    when i cook i also use olive oil ,is very helth.
    here some margarine instead is soybean .that also ok.but i still like olive oil more.:))

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