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Anyone in Florionopolis ?/ my first trip

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Hi, everyone.. my daughter and i shortly are planning to explore Brazil a bit... huge country... not really sure where to start.
I would appreciate any advice ! We heard Florionopois is lovely... outside Manaus ?
We live now in Ecuador... US expats... but not loving Ecuador... many years ago i have been to Sao Paulo and really enjoyed the trip. What towns ( i do not want to live in a large city ) would you recommend?/ mild weather?/ growing season all year round ? / expat networks?/ cost of living ?
Ecuador overall is not too expensive, although not nearly as INexpensive as International Living writes that it is... i am looking for property in the countryside of Vilcabamba: locals asking 200K for a nice hectare of land... this is anything but a good deal.. given there is no infrastructure to speak of... third worldy unifinished buildings all over the place, dirt roads... sure there is charm and nature is beautiful... but gringo tax is smth like 85% i would say :))
thank you, Olga

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