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Doença mental relacionado com a perda de conexão espiritual

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there's an important hyperlink to existence in the Spirit that includes many. they're born with it and it leads and courses them at some stage in their lives. It directs while they are in danger, saves them from tragedies, and it withdraws when in the presence of lies. while that takes place the brain will become harassed and depression and darkness may also set in. it is able to closing for hours, days, months, or years until one realises that what they are doing is causing the problem.
The lies that affect us are things of make-consider and false gods. They range from idols and icons, to money; a look for wealth; movies; fictional books; or even collections of factors they may hold as precious. recently i've discovered that online video games, even harmless ones like Scrabble, smash the Spirit and bring darkness upon the unwary.

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