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"Foreigners who intend to study in Brazil have to submit their foreign baccalaureate certificate at the Conselho Estadual de Educação, the educational institution located in each Brazilian state. This institution is responsible for the recognition of foreign education certificates. If the student applies for a postgraduate course, the foreign university certificate has to be acknowledged at the same institution.

For enrolment and acknowledgement of courses achieved at a foreign university, the student has to submit the following documents:

passport with an adequate visa
list and approval of all courses visited and passed in the foreign country
baccalaureate or university certificate
certificate of proficiency in Portuguese"

Based on the Information listed on the consulate general's website, I was under the impression that you cannot obtain a student visa unless you have been accepted to a Brazilian University. If this is true, how are you supposed to furnish an adequate visa if you have not been accepted to a University yet?

  • Gustavo Reis

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    Hello Joseph,

    Did you visit the Brazilian or American general consulate or the embassy? Did they speak that to you?

    So I have studied with an American girl for two years. She and her brother are from New Jersey and live in Brazil for more than 10 years. If you really want to study for an university in Brazil, I don't know how to help you, but I'll ask to my Brazilian friend, maybe he can help you.

    Look forward to your answer


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