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Travel to Brazil - Where should I go!

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Hi everybody! I want to travel to Brazil this fall but don't know yet where I should go. I have 4 weeks in total, so would be great if you could give me some advice. Which are the "must sees" in Brazil, and which ones are just tourist traps. Also - would you recommend to just stay in one region or travel around (Brazil is soooo big ;o)

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    If you just want to relax and be away from the touristy brazil:

    Beach lodge at the most amazing beach.

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    You can try too There you can rent places to stay directly with the owners. There are some good options...

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    I know that this topic is old but, have you come to SP anyway? just got curious.
    sono andato in Italia e è veramente tropo diverso ..SP è la più grande cità che ho visto.( io ho fgatto un bel giro in Europa!)
    ma se trova di tutto quì

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    Hi, I've been several times in Brazil in I recommend you go to Salvador de Bahía. It`s amazing, beautiful beaches and the best of culture, parties, music, no wonder it the birth place of some of the best brazilian musicians such as Caetano Veloso and Joao Gilberto. Here is the Pelourinho, one of the main baroque legacies of the humanity in architecture. Here I left you a site where you can find more about Brazil destinations and also flights to Salvador de Bahía. Good trip!

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    Hi guys!!
    I´m studing in brasil, this is a video of all my experiences studing in this amazing country.
    hope i helped you!

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    Hi Nadia! Indeed,São Paulo is a big city,and as every big city,it has lots of problems,like the pollution you mentioned,and the traffic jam,but still,is worth it to visit.It has great museums,like the museum of portuguese language,the Ipiranga museum,latin america's memorial,as well as great bars and restaurants,theaters,and more.It is a city with LOTS of immigrants,from others parts of Brazil and worldwide.It has a japanese colony,the biggest outside Japan.
    I don't live in São Paulo,but every time I have an oportunity to go there,I go.
    Hope I helped you! :)

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    hi everybody!
    i'm an italian student and i have the possibility to write my these in sao paolo...but i'm not sure that it's the right city for me...
    a lot of people told me that it's too big, polluted and has all the problems of a big city....but, despite this,. they like living in sampa. anyone can tell why it's so amazing living there?what does sampa offer?how about nightlife, culture and anything you can imagine?
    tank u everybody!

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    You're right!Brazil is a lovely country and it has a lot of lovely places,so I recommend you to find out if it s a local tour guide available on this site to help you find the spots.Cheers!

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    Brazil is so big with a lot of kind of cultures. If you have one they to walk in Rio please check our pictures in our blog , we are specialist in historical and cultural tous in Rio de Janeiro.


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    I would recommend you 1 weeks you stay in Rio de Janeiro and then stayed 1 week in Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande, if possible rent a boat to spend a week there by boat, you'll love, 1 week in Sao Paulo and 1 week in El Salvador for a first coming is good.

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