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    Brazil is devided in 5 regions, each one have something different of others.
    I recommend you fly to Venezuela (caracas) that is much more cheap and from there get Brazil by bus. Arriving in Manaus (big city in the middle of Amazon Forest) you take a boat and go accrossing the country for 3 days by the river until you arrive in Belém. From Belém you go around the north east coast, that´s beautiful! From there you start going down passing in Salvador da Bahia, a bit more down Rio de Janeiro and do not stop in São Paulo, keep going down straight to the south region, it´s very different of the other regions, there you can see the Cataratas do Iguaçu (very famous / Iguaçu Falls) in the boarder of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguai, you can see as well a nice island, the smallest capital in Brazil with 43 beatiful beachs (I´m from there ;) ) and from there you can fly to sao paulo and take your flight back to Europe. (I don´t like Sao Paulo)

    I did all this that I´m saying, I spent just E120 (yes, thats true!!!) , but hitchhiking, camping beside the road or in the "indians place", cooking with fire wood, sleeping in a house of people who I met on the street,.. That was a such good experience and you know what? - I did all this in 25 days!! I went in more than 8 capitals!!

    Of course I don´t recomend you to do it alone!

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