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settling to Rio Grande and Sao Jose do Norte

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Hello to everyone who reads. I'm an italian fellow close to retirement who tired of europe ( I think of as a sinking ship ) plan to land to South America. One of targets is Brazil in particular Rio Grande do sul. This choice is due also because I'm a sailor and the east side of south america is free of sismas and tsunami as are the coasts of western side. Furthermore Rio Grande has a huge lagoon ( lagoa dos patos and laguna merin ) for more quiet sailing. I think to For a stable settling to place my boat in the Rio Grande Yacht Club. I think also to buy a little piece of land front of lagoon perhaps in Sao Jose do Norte (perhaps some hectares to grow something. The productions I heard of are onions and eucalyptus. I look for anyone who can inform me about sailing in Rio Grande and about farm conduction in that land. Thank you

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