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How do you celebrate the Rio carnival?

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Hey all,

I was wondering how the locals (and expats living in Rio) really enjoy the carnival. Do you attend the carnival or do you rather leave the town to avoid the crowds?


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    Hi Jason, the carnaval in Rio is the most popular in Brazil...Rio besides being one of the most beautiful places in the world is the capital of samba...people are very frendly and I have the privilegy to be born in here...Carnaval is a big party that happens during 7 days in February, foks dress up the way the like, funny or with very expesinve custom...the streets are crowded with groups and parades, people drinking and having so much fun...sometimes we go trhough 3 days sleepless, because we play all night and then go to the beach during the day....The parade in downtown is a unforgetable spectacle, something you must see. You can choose between private clubs or just being on the streets, the order is shake your buddy and have fun. Other than that Rio de Janeiro is allways a city very relaxing, surrounded by oceans and beautiful constructions and fun fun fun....

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