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Getting married with an Bulgarian Woman

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hello everyone, Im from Mozambique and my girlfriend is from Bulgaria. We are both studying and in the Netherlands. My girlfriend is working as a part time due to the studies, and most of my money comes from Mozambique....we are living together for a while..we consider the option of getting married so i can get the Bulgarian permanent resident permit, and change my current living status here from student to a Bulgarian citizen..this will allow us to be able me to be able to work more than only 10 ours per week and give me some benefits as Bulgaria here is an EU country.

Does anyone knows what exactly i'll need to do to get the permanent resident permit from Bulgaria if we get married??? I don't need a D-type visa as im residing in the netherlands and i have free transit to EU countrys for not more than 3 months

thank u in advance

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    ok, thank you... i will.

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    The surname is just coincidence :) If you need help with the documents, just drop me an email :)

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    hmmmm cool, ill give it a try.... btw, are u a relative of Albert Hristov? or its just same surname?

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    visa "D"

    posted by  Milen Hristov in Bulgaria forum 

    Hi Mauro, you do need a visa "D" because you can't apply for residency without it. Since you reside in the Netherlands, you can apply for visa "D" in the Bulgarian embassy there. After you get the Visa "D" you need to come to Bulgaria and apply for your residency card. OF course you first need to marry to your girlfriend. Also you need to have the appropriate documents.

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