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Property crash in Bulgaria?

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Looks like there are quite a few people with experience in buying property in Bulgaria. Maybe you could give me a hint: Has the Bulgarian property market also be affected by recession? If so - do you think this would be a good time to buy or do you think that prices will go down even further?

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    Tastes vary so how can one say which is the best area in which to buy? The large numbers of expats in places like Elhovo, Yambol and VT will prove a magnet to some and I would not discourage them since it makes ilife much easier for those amongst us who prefer Bulgarian neighbours or some solitude and a Bulgarian way of buying food to replace the usual mass-produced supermarket offerings. We know then which areas to avoid.

    What I would love to know is where in Bulgaria is the mildest winter weather, the softest water, reliable electricity, good communications and pot-hole-free roads?

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    Dear people,

    If you have bought your property at the time of the posts, now was probably a better time. If you want to buy a property without a realestate agent, you must know people in the area who know how things work. If you really want to enjoy a fine quality of life, you should avoid Sofia and the coastal area, as crime rates are higher, more maffia and bad realestate people and builders, the prices are higher etc.

    The best region to buy is the Veliko Tarnovo / Gabrovo region, with a nice mountain view, good weather and friendly local people. If you want I can help you with your purchase by giving you information, photo's, possibly arrange your accommodation, airport transfer, viewings of the house and the paper work. An official/registrated talk and lawyer will be there to sign over the property at the local municipality of the area in which the property is.

    - You can always bring your own tolk or lawyer to be a 100% sure.
    - You do not have to pay in advance, so there will not be a risk on your side
    - After the deal, you will immediately get the official papers of the house, being the new owner.

    For more information regarding anything in Bulgaria, feel free to ask!

    Kind regards,


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    Property Crash? Now who dose that remind me of? Gimme an S, gimme an em.

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    I have just joined this forum and this is my first post, and possibly my last. What is all this sniping at other people. The question was about the BG property market, and I have to say up until this point I haven't seen anything relating to it.

    Property agents in BG are a mixed bag, it doesn't matter what country they come from. I purchased my property from a British agent, who was completly honest, I was party to the negotiations and paid both deposit and final payment to the vendor. I paid my commission to the agent, it was all above board.

    I couldn't say if prices will fall further, maybe, but once european economies start to recover then I expect the market in BG to pick up again.

    I also wouldn't tell anyone where to buy. I would not but on the Black Sea coast as properties there have been very overpriced, the resorts are over built with many properties not finished or whole blocks not sold. I would also not buy in Russe, for me it is too far from anywhere, although for that reason it is very cheap.

    People need to think about what they want the property for, is it letting, holidays or what. I have a house in a lovely village close to the sea and 50 minutes from Varna airport, so I get the best of both worlds.

    It is easy to sit back and discredit people, and unless the writer has had a particular bad experience with an agent/builder, then one should not make sweeping statements about others. I suppose I cannot help wondering what people like that are trying to get out of it????

    Meanwhile, you should enjoy your forum, and make it useful,informative and entertaining.....

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    You so good FD why you dont set up citizen advice bureau for the english speaking poepl of Ruse?

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    There is noway I will reveal where I got my bargain as I certainly do not want to attract any 4x4s, 8x6s or 4x2s to buy anywhere near me. It is not hell because I dont really care about the wholesale gossip that goes round not do i care about being seen to be keeping up a suburban lifestyle. I am myself and dont need to prove anything to you or anyone like you. I dont even worry about being accepted as it seems to be going very well thank you very much.
    This talk about commuter belts etc is in my opinion, irrelevant as no one is going to realise their investment for a long long time as there simply is too much to be sold still. The idea of 'investment' is a creation of our dear friends the agents who want to excite the greed of the average brit who wants to be able to tell his firends that he has an investment to make himself feel good and to justify the purchase.
    Lastly, and I don't have much more to say on the subject, I have difficulty in understanding where you are coming from as you don't really make sense. I have tried and all your posts are open to much interpretation. Dare I say you are self contradictory? I would always want you on the opposite side as I think you do more harm to your cause by argueing the toss. Friendly fire!!!!!

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    The original thread was not about investment but about a good time to buy.Subtle difference, well no, big difference actually. The chap was asking about whether it was a good time to buy. He says nothing about investment tho that might be a by product. I bought at a GOOD TIME but did not look at it as an investment, just a bargain. Maybe he wants to live here. You have made a gross assumption and are upbraiding me for your interpretation. Threads are always organic and can grow developing on a theme. Standstill is always stagnation, Frank.

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    I am glad you agree with Frank. However you miss the point. Commuting has to do with living elsewhere to work and travelling every day to work. It has little to do with the new proposed Ruse airport or Bucharest, You mena city expansion and therefore suburbs. I am saying that there will not be enough work opportunites created in Ruse for many decades and hterefore no commuting. Yes, people will live outside the city to make use of the amneities but not to work. Consult town planning for the area, you ought to know how to do that, being a builder.
    Secondly, I can get excellent work exactly how I want it from local Bulgarians who need the work. Why should I hire a works manager at another 100 leva a day, incur the mistrust of my fellow villagers by alienation and have, as we have seen on this forum somoen who will not and cannot improve on what the builders do anyway. I think when western standards are talked about, it really means a matter of western taste which really does not blend in. I can go into any village and show you the houses owned by brits bec they stand out like bandaged sore thumbs and that is not my idea of building. Discretion, less arrogance is what we all need to take on board.
    Many brits in uk single out the differences seen in immigrant communities , so do you really think the Bulgarians don'do the same to us?

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    We have saying in Turkish
    Small peice of nowledge is very dangerous thing, better keep mouth shut. and also
    into a shut mouth no fly will enter.
    I think very true and revelant.

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    I am very new to this site and registered here to learn more about Bulgaria. Who is this Frank person, is he one of the site owners,because he certainly seems to want to argue a lot. I don't go much on his sort of attitude and don't really want to get involved with it either. I found him a little off putting, as his post was the first thing I saw when I came onto the forum. And the other gentleman was only giving his opinion. Anyway I have a retail business in the UK, having thoughts about moving the whole thing to Bulgaria.If there is anyone that has done this and can help me, by telling me was it a good move or not, I will be be pleased for their help.

    Many Thanks

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