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Tony Davison

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Does anyone know the whereabouts of a fraud named Anthony Davison who used to live in the old school in Kosov ? He owes me a large sum of money which I want to retrieve from the **** .

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    Anyone who has like me been defrauded by Kevin Owen of BSBB should report him to the Bulgarian and UK tax inspector and the bank you paid your money into, you should report him for using a UK (or Bulgarian) bank account for the avoidance of tax. You should tell the bank that they have a duty to report him to the tax inspector regardless of whether he has or has not closed his account down. You should also ask your MEP to take up your complaint, and ask your MEP to report him to the Bulgarian Government for using a bank account for the avoidance of Tax in both countries. You should also get your local MP to write to the UK bank you put the money into and find out what they intend to do to stop him doing this again. You can also contact the local police station in Balchik to ask them to look into Mr Owns building company as he is a resident of that area, tell them he has defrauded Villa owns in their area and throughout Varna. We all need to do this regardless of how long ago he defrauded you and your family.
    Good Luck

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    Without Prejudice

    Hi James

    Will definitley keep a look out for Anthony Davison. We to have been ripped off by Kevin Owen of Black Sea British Builders ( BSBB) you should do what we have done, which was report him to the UK and Bulgarian tax authorities for laundering money for the avoidance of tax, they will soon find him and he will suffer the consequences of his actions in a legal proper manner. You could start like we did by taking it up with your MEP and asking them to take it up with the Bulgarian Government / Police Authority. Mark my words the Bulgarian authorities are clamping down on Rogue Builders and in particular those that defraud innocent property owners from their hard earned money, and subsequently launder that money for the avoidance of tax in both the UK and Bulgaria.
    Kind regards

    A True friend

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