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internet test please!

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i am planning to relocate to bulgaria next year. i teach english online, and need to have a good internet connection to the company i work for in taiwan. i know that bulgaria is in the world top 10 for internet (wow!!) but i want to make 100% sure before i commit to the move; i can't find any other way to test the connection, so was hoping someone living in bulgaria would do it for me?

the first part is the most important and will take you literally about 2 minutes; if you could go to this site using internet explorer:

click "speed test"

then click "copy" and then you can right click and paste the results on here. if you could include where you are in bulgaria and what your intenet package is, that would be ideal.

it really must be in internet explorer, results from other browsers are meaningless.

thank you so so much if you do this!


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