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What international companies in Sofia hire foreigners?

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I think not only me but other expats would be interested in knowing if there are some international companies in Sofia that are known for hiring foreigners (especially those who don't speak Bulgarian). I heard that IBM and Sony are working in English, but are there also any companies from different sector?

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  • Mario Pankov

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    Hallo Matthias,

    Many companies hire people with English and in many of them you have to speak English only when you`re at the office. I have worked in two international companies and only English was allowed ( and I like it better than Bulgarian :P ). IBM, Sony, HP hire foreigners. Their problem comes with the documentation needed, I had a few colleagues from Ireland, USA and Germany - docs were tons :D But you will be able to find a job. I think that if you`re good in what youre doing, anyone who speaks English will hire you. Good luck!

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