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What is the procedure for buying a flat in Bulgaria?

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Would someone here explain what is the procedure for buying a flat in Bulgaria and especially: if the buyer is an individual - citizen of a country which is not a member of the European Union.
Is he/she obliged to register a company in Bulgaria and if yes then please tell us in which article of the Bulgarian Property Law is defined this requirement.
In fact i cant find any proof that this is necessary.I have the impression that this has been only a tale and the lie repeated so many times in the practise turned into a "law" which serves interests.
Thanks и бих се радвала да получа отговор на английски език за да бъде аудиторията наясно по въпроса. Въпросът е единствено относно апартамент, не се касае за земя и няма допълнителни особености.

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